multi sizes water hose 50 ft

The industry’s best water trailers.

HS225 2" 25 ft. 75 psi Suction Hose (reinforced PVC) — Quick disconnect cam and groove couplers HSQ1520 1.5" 20 ft. 90 psi HSQ220 2" 20 ft. 75 psi HSQ225 2" 25 ft. 75 psi Discharge Hose (flat PVC) — NPT thread HDQ1550HP 1.5" 50 ft. 200 psi


HOSE FACTORY 12mm with this 2-in-1 sprinkler and soaker hose. A low spray releases water at a consistent, controlled rate, perfect for new grass or fragile flowers. White stripe indior for proper positioning Includes removable end cap to